Interview with LuFisto

I had the honor to ask one of my favourite pro wrestlers from Canada, LuFisto, a few questions about video games. She is the reason why I started to be interested in independent wrestling.
Have fun by reading!

Gordman: Hi LuFisto! What was your first video game system?
LuFisto: Original NES.

Gordman: What is your most favourite video game ever?
LuFisto: A Link to the Past on Super NES.

Gordman: Are there some more games you can recommend to video gamers?
LuFisto: I don’t play that much anymore… But I’m a Zelda fanatic so, I would recommend any Zelda games! LOL I really liked Contra and Ninja Gaiden II too as a kid.

LuFisto during her entrance in the ring, 2015

Gordman: If you could be a video game figure, who would you be and why?
LuFisto: I always wanted to be Link. Surprised? He´s cute and a bad ass! LOL But seriously, probably Chun Li from Street Fighter!

Gordman: Why do women love Zelda so much?
LuFisto: As for Zelda, what I like about it is the back story. I’ve always been fascinated by the mysterious land of Hyrule, how Link is the chosen one and has to fulfill his destiny. It’s also one of the games where the princess involved in very active, not only a dame in distress. Zelda gets involved in the action, she makes important decisions and represents a strong female character.

Gordman: Thank you LuFisto! I wish you all the best in the world, a lot of fun with Zelda and more amazing wrestling matches! =D
LuFisto: Thank you! :D

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