___Interview with James Ellsworth

Today I have the honor to give you an interview with a crazy, but very nice guy, who was known as ´Pretty´ Jimmy Dream for some years. In the year of 2016, he became a member of World Wrestling Entertainment, where he feuded with AJ Styles and Asuka, but also had some differences with Dean Ambrose. Last but not least, he was a loyal partner for Carmella. But what does James Ellsworth during his free time? Yeah right, he´s playing video games! Here´s an interview with James, please enjoy!

Gordman: Hey dear James, thanks for taking your precious time for this interview! Let´s start with your childhood: What was your first console and the first game/s you´ve played?
James: Nintendo, Mario 1!

Gordman: What´s your coolest memories when it comes to multiplayer games? Are there any special games you´ve played with your family and friends for hours?
James: NBA Jam with my friends, fun times!

James Ellsworth with his Intergender Championship Belt

Gordman: Which games are your all-time favourites and why?
James: Sonic games for sega, still play them to this day! Just so much fun.

Gordman: I´ve noticed a picture of some N64 wrestling games over at Instagram, as well as a picture of Fire Pro Wrestling where AJ Styles receives your No Chin Music. So, obviously: What´s your favourite wrestling game?
James: No mercy, I know that’s everyone’s answer but it was the coolest wrestling game ever easy!

Some of James´ N64 wrestling games

Gordman: Which consoles and how many games do you have today?
James: Xbox 1 PS4, Super Nintendo classic, Sega classic

Gordman: Are your kids playing some video games as well?
James: They’re real into Donkey Kong at the moment.

Gordman: James, thank you very much. I wish you all the best in the future!