Interview with Diane von Hoffman

Normally, my website is about video games. But do you know what I made before Gordman´s Game Treasure was opened in 2012? I was running a wrestling website for a short time in 2011! This website has called I was proud of that site and I had the honor to interview Diane von Hoffman at the time. On february 25 2011, the Wrestling Legends Tour had a stop in my hometown, Berlin. This interview here has been made a short time after this event. I still have the rights to this interview that I found in my archives, so I wanna share it with you.
Please enjoy this wrestling interview with Diane von Hoffman that I have re-uploaded on april 25 2016 in honor of this wonderful woman.

WD: Hello Diane! Thanks for spending your precius time for an interview with WrestleDome! At the Wrestling Legends Tour in Berlin, some fans shouted your name but you were the „bad guy“ against Blue Nikita. What do you think about fans who cheer for the heels?
Diane: The fans to me are cheering for their favorite. I love those that cheer for me and tell the others that they should be as smart as those cheering!!

WD: What are your two daughters think about the fact that her mother is a pro wrestler?
Diane: My two daughters love their mother unconditionally, but they do worry about me.. That's normal. I prayed they stayed away from this business and they did!

Diane von Hoffman against Blue Nikita at the Wrestling Legends Tour 2011 in Berlin.

WD: Which of your great matches you have the best memories?
Diane: I have memories of all my matches, but I loved wrestling Leilani Kai as she helped me so me.. We had a Teacher vs Student match in 2002.

WD: How did it feel to team up with your own great idols (Leilani Kai and The Fabolous Moolah)?
Diane: My first match was with Moolah. We had went to Boston, Charlotte, NC, Roanoake VA, NY, and I was a nervous wreck. Being her partner and then to be so new was super scary, but I learned so much. Leilani and I traveled to Japan together, and she is the best. I wish I could have been half as good as her.

WD: Have you ever worked for WWF / WWE?
Diane: I worked for the WWF when I wrestled with Moolah. I wish someone had film of that from 1981. This was when Vince Sr. was running the shows.

Diane with Joe E. Legend during the break

WD: Is there anything you wanna tell the WrestleDome readers?

To all the Wrestledome Readers,

I am saddened but happy that my retirement will be soon. I would rather retire before someone says I should have retired years ago.
Thank you for all the support and I hope someone will sponsor a match and these are my last when I wrestle for SLAMMINLADIES.COM . I will be there Nov 28th. They will be posting the great ladies I will have to wrestle against.. If you love my style, this will be the last time to have me wrestle anyone in this forum.

I have a few shows left, but 2012 I will be 50 and Its time for me to move on.. Thank you again!!

Love to all!

Diane Von Hoffman

WrestleDome says thank you to Diane for this very impressive interview! We are proud of it.
(And of course, Gordman´s Game Treasure is also proud of it ;) )

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